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New Features: Blue Button and QuickBooks

We’ve added three new features to the Selector:

Contract Features, etc.

  • CF46: Vendor subscribes to Electronic Health Record Association’s EHR Developer’s Code of Conduct.

The Electronic Health Association has adopted a code of conduct for its members. This feature shows if an EHR vendor subscribes to the code. See:

Practice Management Systems, etc.

  • PM49: Practice Management or EHR system is integrated with QuickBooks.

While many PMs or EHRs collect accounts receivable data, they don’t pass it on to the practice’s accounting system. In this case, we ask if there is a link to the most widely used small business accounting system, QuickBooks. This new feature can help users to understand if the proposed EHR, etc., will need to be interfaced to QB or if that function is built in.

Patient Portal Functionality

  • PP19: Supports Blue Button for patients to download their medical records.

Originated by the Veterans Administration, Blue Button is a service that lets a user download their medical record. This simplifies the process of providing this information and puts it in a standard text format for patient use and bringing in to other systems. This function is represented by this logo:


By’s Blog

Our blog has several purposes. First it’s the place to fine out what changes and improvements we’ve made in the Selector, what’s planned and to find out what our users would like to see.

The blog also is a place for us to comment on the ever changing EHR field, what we consider to be best practices. In some instances it will include posts that have appeared in a few other places, for example,

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