CSMed EHR Selector

I. Finding an EHR by Its Features:
Step 1. - In the Selector Toolkit, open a Major Category, such as Medical Specialties
Step 2. - Click on the EHR feature you want, for example:

SP17: Nephrology (19) 
As you check a feature, look on the floating tool bar to see how many products match, for example,
  Features Selected: 1
  Products Matched: 19
Step 3. - Step 3. - When you've selected all your features, to see which products match on the floating toolbar click:
  Report Comparing
  Selected Features

II. Using The Selector's Feature Tags:
The Selectortoolkit's features have information tags showing additional feature attributes. For example, the main category, Security, Authentication, Confidentiality, has these entries:

SEC9: Market standard, HIPAA compliant encryption used for all messaging (22) http://www.ehrselector.com/EMRToolkit/images/magnify_glass_icon2.gif



SEC10: Practice Management System (PM) and EMR use same security system. (V) (11) http://www.ehrselector.com/EMRToolkit/images/magnify_glass_icon2.gif


  • eature Definition- On the left of a feature, shows help is available. If the feature is one of CMS' Meaningful Use standards, the help text includes the MU language and measures. 
  • (19) Shows how many products have that feature. If the number is zero (0), it means there are no products with the feature. This may happen with a new feature that vendors have not adopted.
  • - Click  to see which products have this feature.
  • HIPPA - Feature meets a HIPPA requirement.
  • hippa -  Feature meets a HIPPA recommended feature.
  • MUC - Meaningful Use Core Requirement. MUC1, Stage 1. MUC2, Stage 2.
  • MUM - Meaningful Use Menu Requirement. MUM1, Stage 1, MUC2, Stage 2.
  • V - Vetted feature. A feature reviewed by the selector staff to insure it performs as advertised